What are Thought-Forms?

        Thought-forms are crystallized energetic structures in the Human Energy Field representing beliefs about our world and our experiences. They are, in effect, "the baggage" of the past that we long to release, but find trouble in doing so. In 1901, clairvoyants Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater wrote the book, THOUGHT-FORMS, a ground-breaking classic putting forth the notion that “thoughts are things” made of mental and emotional energies; and that they assume a floating form within the subtle energy fields surrounding the human body. 

        Typically, our thoughts come and go without incident, momentarily taking form within the auric field, then dissipating. But when we experience a trauma or emotional upheaval in life, or indulge incessantly in negative thinking, our thoughts can crystalize into beliefs, likewise producing more permanent energetic structures in our field called thought-forms. These structures can be amorphous, phantasmagoric, symbolic or geometric in presentation and through their archetypal and/or personal symbology communicate the nature of the past thoughts, emotions, and actions that created them. Therefore, to the trained Thought Form Healing practitioner, thought-forms are valuable tools for transformation, as they can be identified, decoded, and released with remarkable accuracy and efficiency, providing both access and logos for the release of negative false beliefs previously thought to be lost to time or the vast storehouse of the subconscious mind.  

If thought-forms are manifestations of past belief, what bearing do they have on the present?

        Once crystallized in our consciousness, thought-forms attract to us recurrent patterns of behavior and experience in our lives, and much to the chagrin of our conscious mind, this often runs counter to our intentions, desires, and goals. As the energetic magnets of our beliefs, thought-forms draw to us evidence for what we subconsciously believe to be true. Consequently, though we are ostensibly sitting in the driver's seat and holding the steering wheel, it often feels like someone else is driving the car! Over time, our negative thought-forms become the distorted lens through which we come to view everything and see ourselves reliving the same unwanted relationships, unpleasant situations, and unfortunate experiences.

        Positive Thought Forms are just the reverse. They are of service to us, acting as our invisible helpers. They contain the patterns of past successes, recognition, and ability. Positive thought-forms will occasionally come up for reconnection or empowerment in a Thought Form Healing session if they have been inadvertently deactivated by trauma or a difficult life situation. Revitalizing positive thought-forms can instantly reaffirm their usefulness making life more fun, efficient, and successful.


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