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release your negative thought forms

Break free from your mental prisons


What are Thought-Forms?

        THOUGHT-FORMS are byproducts of belief—crystallized energetic structures of mental and emotional energies trapped in the Human Energy Field, a.k.a. the human aura, by way of past perceptions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs about the world and our experiences in life. Thought-Forms act like magnets within the consciousness generating recurrent patterns of behavior and drawing to us evidence and experiences that validate our subconscious beliefs. Negative thought-forms—the products of trauma and incessant negative thinking—are the distorted lenses of the past through which we come to view our present and presage our future. By way of these known associations in the past, they attract to us more of the same unwanted relationships, situations, and experiences in life. Positive thought-forms, on the other hand, are just the reverse. When fully connected and empowered within the consciousness, they serve us as the subconscious helpers that make life more effortless, exciting, and fulfilling.




        Many people have tried meditation, positive affirmations, creative visualization and affirmative prayer but still feel blocked. Why? The subconscious mind makes up 88% of your total mind power. It contains the unconscious programming that keeps you stuck in patterns of lack, limitation, stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. The question is: "If my subconscious thoughts and beliefs are running my life, how do I identify and change them if they are subconscious?"


        Thought, desire, and action are all part of our human experience, and metaphysically speaking, they correspond directly to our Mental Body, Emotional Body, and Etheric Physical Twin within the vibrational hierarchy of the Human Auric Field. Just like sound and light exist as waves or vibrations of variable frequency and are perceptible in the material reality, our thoughts and emotions can be perceived by those gifted with higher vibrational perception. A clairvoyant, psychic, or remote viewer capable of tuning into these subtle vibrations will experience thought and emotions across a spectrum of colors, structures, densities and textures similar to one's experience in the natural world. Although, the world of thought and emotion often extends into the realm of fantasy, imagination, even the macabre.  Therefore, thoughts are things because they exist in a finer, more subtle, vibratory reality. Unique to each of us, they assume a floating form in our Auric Field. Ancient Tibetan mysticism refers to these invisible structures as Thought-Forms. To those with extended sight, one's Thought Forms can provide a visual representation of an individual's subconscious belief system.


        Negative thought forms are created as a result of a trauma, emotional upset or repetitive negative thinking. Negative thought forms can take on non-geometric, amorphous presentations in the fields. They can also present as symbols, like dream symbols. Symbolic Thought-Forms speak in the language of the subconscious mind and can be personal, collective, or archetypal in nature. Amorphous Thought-Forms tend toward a psychological state of mind, whereas symbolics often communicate our interpretation of events. A Negative Thought-Form contains a record of the trauma, unpleasant experience, or repetitive ideation that gave birth to it; and the more one focuses on the experience or belief that created it, the more it grows. The result has two main effects: an increase in the intensity or magnetic quality of the Thought-Form as well as a heightened perceptual clarity within the fields. More importantly, this negative mental structure—amorphous or symbolic—imprisons the emotional charge one has on a trauma, event, or belief. In these cases, emotional clearing of the event may not be enough to eradicate its negative effects.


        Developed by Dr. Diane Cantwell and Dr. Ivor Francis, Thought Form Healing is a powerful and transformational healing modality that combines scientific and metaphysical principles to remediate mental blocks and baggage trapped in the subconscious mind. Once negative thought-forms (energetic manifestations of false belief ) are identified, removed and dematerialized, positive transformation is possible in all areas of life such as, health, finances, relationships, career and creative expression.


  • Diane increases the client's receptivity to change through deep physical relaxation and focused concentration 
  • Ivor clairvoyantly identifies and removes negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings trapped within the client's mental and emotional bodies
  • The client is then empowered to dematerialize their own negative thought forms
  • Diane uses Spiritual Rehabilitation to fill the voids left behind in the client's energy bodies with affirmative, life-empowering, positive intentions to facilitate change and transformation


Thought Form Healing sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes. They can be done in person, over the phone or via the internet. 


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