Our Testimonials

My work with Diane and Ivor and Thought Form Healing has been one of the most profound Mind, Body, Spiritual experiences
of my entire life. It is Powerful.
It is Transformative.
— Sharon P.

I have tried a multitude of techniques... nothing, absolutely nothing has come close to what I have achieved with
Thought Form Healing.
— Brigitte C.

"When Ivor Francis first told me about the Thought Form Removal process, I was very intrigued, though a bit quizzical.  I've known Ivor for a long time and value his deep spiritual understanding and accomplishments.  But this was something I had never heard of.  However, I had been suffering for over 2 1/2 years from a sprained ankle / fallen arch injury that had only healed to a certain point and then had plateaued - at a level that still left me in chronic pain and constant danger of my ankle going out.

I had done very intensive emotional clearing for the previous several years with a very gifted energy worker, and I was hoping that eventually I would get to the emotional root cause of my problem.  But after over 100 clearings - which were extremely beneficial for many other health reasons - I was still not seeing any improvement with my foot/ankle - very discouraging to say the least. 

So when Ivor described this new modality he had been given, I was very motivated to at least give it a try.  I requested that we address any thought forms related to my injury first, and we did.  Of course I was hoping for a "miraculous" and instantaneous healing!  Though that did not happen, I realized after my initial couple of sessions that something important was going on.

The whole process to the finish was absolutely remarkable and revelatory to say the least.  I learned why so many recurring negative circumstances had been happening during my life - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Removing the TF's has improved many strained or habitually tainted relationships, improved my overall health and energy level, and lifted some veils in my meditation practice and spiritual life.

And about half way through clearing my 47 TF's, my foot/ankle began to strengthen.  Now, about a month after completing the process, my foot/ankle is the strongest it has been since before the injury and I am not far away from a complete recovery!"


- Terry g.

I wanted to share that I have experienced wonderful changes in my life. I’ve used many healing modalities and believe thought form healing has been very beneficial. I attracted a wonderful man into my life who showed up right on my birthday. I also changed my career and have been practicing spiritual hypnotherapy with some beautiful results.
— m.g

This is some of the most powerful spiritual work I’ve ever experienced. All my life, I’ve wondered about my purpose on earth. Now, I know it. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone ready to stand fully in their power.
— Juana

"Thank you for sharing the gifts and work you do with me! The bone between my neck and head no longer hurts or is moving. Stabilizing this bone has ended the issues I was having with my hips and tailbone. Huge relief. Also, when I felt the thought forms come up…. instantly overnight freckles appeared on my face. They were completely gone Monday morning when I woke up. I have felt amazing week.

I’m eating less and feel more connected to everyone and everything. I feel like source is flowing to me in a whole new way on a deeper clearer level. I need less sleep. I am still going to bed at the same time but am waking up very early and having beautiful meditation time to start the day! What a gift it is to have the time to meditate 2 times a day! I’m very proud of the progress I have been able to make in the year I have worked with you. It would have taken life times to have come this far. 


- Teresa l.

Michael and I are so happy to be working with Diane and Ivor. The sessions were powerful and healing. Thank you, again, for your fine work. We’re both feeling so much lighter.
— Sandra B.

The Thought Form Healing I have been doing with Diane and Ivor has been life changing. Being able to be present in each day is the most wonderful blessing. Their understanding and non judgment in my sessions has helped me become the person I've always wanted to be. My trust in these two wonderful people is complete. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Words can't express how much Thought Form Healing has changed my life.

- Debra T.

After my Thought Form Healing sessions with Ivor and Diane, I walked into a whole new career effortlessly - a career that I had dreamed about for years but could never manifest. I highly recommend this work. Do it now if you truly want to start a whole new life!
— Beth s.

Prior to seeing Ivor & Diane I had been struggling with rashes all over my skin for almost a year. These were unexplained and random. It started on my arms and then spread to my stomach, hands, neck and finally my face. It felt like my skin was on fire and yet it was extremely itchy at the same time. I had no relief. Everything I did made it worse. I could barely sleep because the sheets on my skin were painful. Showers were unbearable. I looked like a monster and I felt like something

had taken over my body and left me with no control over my symptoms. I was a victim to something that I was utterly confused by. It was horrifying. 

I saw at least a dozen doctors.. countless blood tests and examinations and nobody could get to the bottom of it. After changing my diet and entire lifestyle as well as visiting a few naturopath physicians, I was slowly but surely on my way to recovery with more knowledge as to why this was suddenly happening to my body. 

I had been told that after years of emotional pain & the use of a steroid to initially and temporarily control the breakouts, my body had become extremely toxic. That was the only concrete information I was given. The rest was unknown... I still will never know what it was or why it happened when it did.

Much of the leg work had been done about 4 or 5 months in and I was 50% better. However, at a certain point I hit a threshold. 

My body had stopped improving and I was stuck with the hives and symptoms but just at a lower intensity.  Although I was grateful for the progress I had made (after months of excruciating pain and continuous frustration) the hives and rash was still very much effecting my quality of life. 

The only thing left to do was to try and treat this ailment energetically. That seemed like the next logical step since all my other options ran out. 

After seeing Ivor & Diane the results were phenomenal. It didn't necessarily happen right away... but about a week after our visit my skin had been the clearest it had EVER been since the rash had started. I wasn't doing anything else differently in terms of diet or lifestyle. Everyone around me even started to comment on how amazing my skin looked and so suddenly. It was almost freaky. It was like magic. 

Since then my skin has never been the same. The Thought Form Healing was the extra push I needed to get me over the hump to recovery. 

I felt lighter, my thoughts were clearer and I had hope that I could continue on with my life and not be pained by this mysterious monster that had taken over my body. There are still things in my life that I have to be cautious of in regards to my skin, but I now see a clearer more possible path to total 100% recovery in the near future.

I am eternally grateful to them. 


- olivia m.